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  • LOOK HERE FIRST To keep things tidier, there are now two application posts! One for screened applications and one for unscreened applications. Simply click on the post to take you to the post you'd like to put your application on.
  • Please read over all the setting information, the FAQ, the rules, and the application explanation before posting your application.
  • You must be 14+ to play here.
  • Make sure you read all of the following as well plus the application reminders on the application pages.
  • If you have read all of the above, then your application and character should conform to the rules, your samples should follow the premise of the game (if they are from an in game setting; non-in game settings are fine), and the formatting and posting and application should conform to the application explanation. If it does not do this, you will be given a revision request.
  • Please check for grammatical and spelling errors! An app with too many may be asked to be revised.
  • As the rules state you may app 2 characters per round, with a total of 5 characters in all. This of course means one round you may only app 1 character if you already have 4 in game. You may only app 1 character per canon and 2 characters per sister series. You may not app characters from the same universe, though.
  • NEW | TO BE ENFORCED AS OF 2014 In order for a returning player to put in another app, they must have completed AC the previous month. This means a full AC, no strikes. Also, you may not apply for a character you let idle in the previous AC until the next round.
  • Don't forget to put your subject title as CHARACTER NAME | SERIES | RESERVED/NOT RESERVED