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Let's make one thing very clear. The NPCs, while being pretty brainless and flighty, are very protective of their place in Holly Heights. Who knows why. They love it here, I guess. You should too by the way!

That being said, there aren't too many job opportunities for a character unless they want to make one for themselves or if you want to make one for them.

Making one is the equivalent of them running their own business. They are free to make any kind of business they wish, be it a flower shop or adult entertainment, whatever you'd like that to entail. This means that they are taking the initiative to start their own business and they will run it themselves, or with others if that's what you'd like to go for. The process is quite simple. They decide to start their own business and suddenly, there it is, fully functioning in the Gate of their choice (either the Pleasure or Shopping). How convenient! Your friendly, neighbourhood landlord knows more about your character than they think he does.

If a character wouldn't want to run their own business but still work, that's okay too! You can make whatever business you want for them without having them own the place. Characters can just browse the bulletin board or the working district and see a help wanted sign in the window. However you want to make it work! Please note that once you make a building without having a character own it, there's a chance that someone else might want their character to own it or work there. Permission must always be asked from the original owner, and that can be something done via the player or via a mod contacting the player.

Because most jobs that can be taken from the mall are jobs that can be made to your characters liking themselves, there aren't preset jobs for them to take. However, this is not true for those that wish to teach school. School teachers may apply on the locations page, and will be listed under each school as well as what subject they wish to teach. This applies for all four schools.