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Your New Landlord ([personal profile] lessor) wrote2012-04-07 09:52 pm
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Here at Holly Heights, and well, most other RPs, we like to keep things organized. For all of your RP needs, there will be a community. Tags are usually on a player decided basis. They are laid out as follows:

[community profile] hollyheights - Where most of the RPing will happen. This is where most posts containing video, text, action, etc will take place. This will also be where landlord announcements are made, leading to a possible log post later in the week/month.
[community profile] shadygates - The place where logs happen, be they mod logs or player logs. These will have a format that is pretty uniform.
[community profile] poolside - Where OOC action happens. This includes mun intros, hiatus announcements, tossing ideas around, what have you.
[community profile] cocktailparty - Memes will happen here, mostly. All of them will have nothing to do with in game continuity unless you have rhyme and reason to make meme happenings into game happenings. That's why it's a crack community.

There will only be one mod account and NPC account, [personal profile] lessor.

Tags will be as follows for both [community profile] hollyheights and [community profile] shadygates. Tagging your own post is mandatory, but tagging posts that you comment on is up to player discretion.

Character: Each character, once accepted, can freely make their own tag, as long as the tag is written in western order.
Type: *action, *video, *text
Location: Based on the four gates, they will be !housing, !working, !pleasure, !alumni.