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Okay so hopefully you get the idea by now. You wake up in front of a beautiful house with a car in the garage. You've been plopped into a world where you have a free house, a new family, access to food and other amenities, and the biggest goal is for you to be happy.

Some basic, need-to-know technicalities are:

• All characters have a set of keys to their house and car and to the four gates surrounding the city.

• They will receive a detailed lease agreement confirming their situation, explaining the gates and their districts, and also the basic law of the land.

• All characters will now get a Holly Heights credit card. There's $500 to start them off with, but all other money must be earned.

• They'll also get a cell phone. This can be theirs from home if they had one previously or a new one if they never have or currently don't from their canon point.

• Included with these is a drivers license for characters 16 and older.

• Student-aged characters will receive ID badges for their school with their grades on them quite plainly. Grades are up to the player, but keep it realistic and consistent with their ages unless there is reason to do otherwise.

• If adult characters have been placed in a house that already has family members, they will receive a copy of their marriage license as well as their lease.

From here, your character can do as they wish. Do they rebel and try to get out? Do they go with the flow and get a job, foster the community? Do they break rules or stay on the straight and narrow? It's all up to them and ultimately up to you.