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February 01 - 31
Because writing weekly weather got to be a repetative pain in the ass, you might be excited to see a new monthly weather description! Some days WILL have specific weather information if it's extreme enough or relevant to a plot, but for now all weather will be described in a monthly weather paragraph.

It's definitely still cold, but the ice and heavy snow is replaced with chilly air and dense fog in the morning. Occasionally ice discs in the shape of hearts fall from the sky. Don't get hit with one or receive a nasty bruise, either to your head or your ego. On the 14th, pink glitter will also rain from the sky. God bless us all.


This Month's Released Illness Is...?
Kissing disease! On five randomly announced days, any lip-lockers will switch bodies for the rest of the day prior to the significant smooch. These will be announced on Plurk and the OOC comm!

February 1
Reserves are now closed! Look for those being open again again later on in the month. Applications are now open! Make sure to get yours in on time. AC is now also over! If you did not make it, then you must reapply.

February 8
Apps are now closed! If you'd like to play in the game, you'll have to wait for reserves and apps to reopen in order to apply! Also, the unofficial welcome log is up today.

February 8
Holly Heights Job post #11 goes up.

February 10
The February event info is up.

February 14
A Holly Heights school festival day!

February 14-24
The February event!

February 22
Holly Heights Job post #12 goes up.

February 23
Reserves reopen! AC is now also in effect! Make sure to get your proofs in before the new month!