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  • Don't be a douche. Respect others and they will respect you. If they don't? Tell me. They will be taken care of justly. Safety is a big concern both in and out of game. There is a no tolerance policy concerning any kind of harassment, abuse, or being hateful in general. That being said I do not see everything. If you do not tell me, then I cannot warn or ban anyone. Do not expect me to be an all seeing mind reader when it comes to things of this matter.

  • Holly Heights works on a three strikes system. Some offenses, such as severely harassing a player, will result in an immediate ban. Small infractions, however, will result in one strike. Get three and you've struck out.

  • Be aware of characters you can and cannot app. Characters you cannot app are the following: OCs, canon AUs, AUs in general, canon OCs, universe duplicates (ie if Abraham Lincoln is apped from Lincoln, there cannot be any other Abes, like from Clone High or Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), characters with very few canon appearances or that do not have sufficient shown or stated personalities.

  • Be aware that you're playing with people who may be underage. Lock and rate posts accordingly. Sex is alright, have as much sex as you want, just lock and warn for it. That's all I ask.

  • Activity will be required once a month. It must consist of one of the following to stay in the game:
    A post
    A thread containing 10 comments from your character
    A log thread containing 5 comments from your character
    A mailbox thread of at least 15 comments from your character

    Strikes will be given. Once you have a strike, if you fail to make the next AC, you will be removed from the game. Make AC, however, and your strike is eliminated. AC will take place during reserve period AKA the last week of the month. Starting in 2014 you must not have a strike against you to app in a new character and you must wait at least one app period before reapping a character you let idle.

  • Follow basic RP common sense. IC isn't OOC, no godmodding, ask ooc permission when your character is about to do something extreme to another character, etc. The basics. Please check if someone has a permissions post. If they do, please stick to what is listed including RP content they don't want to deal with, threadjacking, and their comfortability with sexual/romantic possibilities. If someone brings to my attention you have neglected to do this, you will be warned.

  • No more than 5 characters per person. A player may only apply for one character from a canon, two per sister franchises (Final Fantasy, Tales of..., etc.), one per universe (so from Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Graces but not two Graces characters). This will eliminate the need to worry about interactions with ones self and prevent character hogging. Only two characters may be reserved and apped by one player every cycle, except for if you currently have 4 characters already in game, then only one reserve and one app may be put in.

  • Please tag your posts. The only real tags you need are names and types, after all.

  • It is strongly encouraged that you have an easily accessible HMD post. Whether or not you anon enable it is up to you, though. Note that this isn't a rule, but a suggestion.

  • Have fun, stay safe, be happy.