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What's the pace?
One day in game is one day out of game. For a schedule of events, please see the calendar page.

These keys...what all do they unlock. How many are there?
There will be five keys on your key ring as well as one keychain. Four rustic looking brass keys will unlock the district gates. They are all color coded accordingly:

Green - Housing
Red - Pleasure
Yellow - Alumni
Blue - Shopping

The fifth key is the key to your characters house. On the wider part of the key, there will be a number in the thousands, much like an average street address. This is also the number on the front of your house, right on the door. There are no street names here. Just numbers. Each house has a unique one. This key will unlock your characters house and their house only. They also have the dual purpose of starting your character's car and only their car, as well as unlocking it. The key chain, of course, is the insignia for the gated community. Town pride and all that.

How do we communicate?
Well there's action, of course. All computers come with the minimal web functions of webcamming and text chatting in the Holly Heights chat platform. Did your character have a cell phone in canon? They can keep it though all their old history and contacts have been removed. If they didn't, then here's a little house warming gift from your landlord. They can directly chat to the community with them, webcam from them, or text individuals. All cell phones, new and old, will come equipped with a complete contact list of all the characters in game which will be updated as players app in and drop. There can be, of course, public text posts with filtered texts to specific people, but it's best if private texts were kept to mailboxes unless they are pivotal to plots, development, or what have you. Also note that there is no way to hack a text unless someone else picks up the recipient or the senders phone.

What the hell is a mailbox?
Click here, wise guy.

In all actuality, if you're accepted, in the acceptance instructions you will be asked to set up a mailbox post to be linked on your taken character comment. This is for text messages and letters sent directly to your character, meaning it serves as both a phone inbox and a house inbox. This is nifty for when you want a conversation to take place and it's not worth it to log it. Careful, now. Don't go text spamming anytime you want something to happen. It takes 15 texts/letters to count if you're going to use them towards activity check.

Powers are taken, I get that. But what is taken and how does it work?
Powers are taken if they are of supernatural ability or are considered over the top, which is usually all powers. If you are unsure of whether or not something qualifies as a taken power, it's perfectly fine to contact me or to just write your application as usual and I'll make a note of it in a response. Characters are informed they are as human as possible, which some may figure to mean no powers, but they do discover on their own that oops, no more super strength, vampiric tendencies, etc. Regaining a power is rather sudden and not a gradual art. When it is asked for and the time comes, it shall be given.

Please know that there are differences between supernatural powers, superhero-like powers, and what is latent and can be considered a possible ability. Someone who is super strong just because they're stronger than most isn't something that they'd have taken. But if there is a very large gap between what is realistic, intuitive, or a special something a character can do and something that is a power to be taken.

Can my character die?
Yes, sadly. Car accidents happen, drownings. Maybe even murder if you piss the wrong guy off. You never know.

What happens when my character dies?
They experience a small amount of pain and then black out. The body immediately vanishes. The next thing they know, they wake up in the old abandoned hospital in the Housing District completely healed. The only bad side to this is remembering exactly how they died.

This is for you to know and for your characters not to. According to your lessor in the paperwork left on your kitchen table, your characters are mortal now, if they weren't already. Whether they believe this or not is up to you, but the absolutely do not have knowledge of their apparent immortality upon arrival.

Can my character work in the hospital?
No. There is currently a player-run and created health clinic though that is open and can be worked!

If my character is murdered, what happens to the culprit?
7 days in jail, but they get to keep their phones. If you plan to kill someone, please contact the mod account or keep this in mind. This only applies to killing characters, not NPCs.

How long is the time between being murdered and waking up in the abandoned hospital?
The day someone dies and are killed, they have until the next midnight to be revived. So if you got killed at 12:01 AM, you'd be revived at 12:00 AM the next day. If you got killed at 11:59 PM, then you'd just be revived within a minute.

Is it possible to break out of prison?
No! Powers are sealed and due to Landlord magic, a jailbreak is impossible.

Does the Landlord just know when someone murders a person? What if it was a sort of indirect murder where they use someone else to murder them or a really complex string of events that wind up getting the victim killed?
It's all based on the Landlord's magical knowledge. Regardless of the involvement, the killer is the one who goes to jail. If someone pays someone to kill someone, the person who actually kills goes to jail. In the instance of, per se, the cliche dropping of a flower pot onto someone's head, even if it was accidental, then that person would still be sent to jail. In more complex cases, which I am too tired to think of right now, it'd be best to just ask who would go to jail.

What about language?
Even though the country isn't known, the format of the world is roughly modern America. That being, all language defaults to English. It's strange, really. The only time a character will speak their native tongue is when they focus intently on what they want to say in their own language and then say it. This deters characters with common tongues from carrying on entirely in their own language.

And money?
Money can be earned via a job. The currency here is completely plastic. All funds will be kept on a card. Get paid? Money goes on. Buy something? Money comes off.

Food is free at the Holly Mall grocery store which houses almost any food you could desire. Restaurants are not free though and require coinage. Upon coming to Holly Heights, the closet in the house of your characters room that belongs to them will be filled with clothes to their liking though not necessarily their own. If they want a wider selection, they may go buy more. All trinkets and other items will have to be bought. Houses come with basic furnishings, a television, and a computer. Rooms have beds, bathrooms have toothbrushes and etc.

What if my character steals something or hits someone or gets into a fender bender?
As much as he'd like, the lessor can't prevent all harm from being caused. When peace has been broken, the consequences can go anywhere from being accosted by the neighbourhood police or having a regained item taken away. There is a jail in Holly Heights, but it's abandoned.

So damage is insured? There's no fine or anything? What happens to the damages?
The house and car will be fixed within a 24 hour period, aka when night falls, shit gets fixed magically, and then it's all hunky doory the next day. No cost to the character at all! Break whatever you want!

Do our characters keep their memories?
Yes. The only thing to be regained here is their personal items. The recall all past events in their lives, or at least what they remembered as far as canon goes.

Speaking of which, is it true gay marriage is allowed here?
Your landlord doesn't see why not. It's none of his business who his tenants get married to. Except they will, whether they like it or not. Eventually, anyway. Welcome to your new family!

So is it just m/m, f/f, and m/f marriages? And what about trans* characters?
When filling out the Orientation section, it's important to note one of the last lines on the explanation page. It's not so much important that you explain your character's sexuality as it is to say whether or not they'd marry a man, woman or any other gender on the spectrum. They'll then be matched randomly with someone that suits their needs. Trans* characters will have the same portion as everyone else. Please just fill out the gender and orientation section to the best of your ability, and we'll take it from there. To put simply, if someone says they are okay with marrying your character, no matter what gender they may be, they can marry them. Err, the lessor will force them into marriage, anyway.

Screw all that, can my character just not get married?
The gated community runs on what the lessor considers happiness. In his version of happiness, there's a ball and chain. Sorry. Have fun being single but it may not last long.

So do you guys pick out a husband or wife for me? Or no.
Yes! Unless you specify who you'd like your character to marry. Then there's 1 99.9% chance that's how it will work.

Can they get divorced?
No, that's a naughty word.

Can there be single parents?
Yes. Houses with one spouse can have one to two children. Have fun raising a kid on your own!

Let's say I app a kid character and stick around with you losers long enough that they turn 18.
Without exceptions, they will be removed from their child slot and put into an adult slot. This is why even child characters should fill out the Orientation portion of the application.

How does this happen?
Go to the canon update page and follow the instructions.

So does that mean characters will age?
Nope. Think about it like this. Your character will stay in the same physical state they came here in but that doesn't mean the years aren't ticking. If you stayed 100 years and got here when you were 19, you'd still look 19 but actually be 119.

What if my character has no discernible age/birthday?
Age guessing is a-okay, as is rounding out if there isn't an exact number. For birthdays, we'll just wing it. If you app in a 17 year old, expect us to hound you about adult-ifying them sometime in the future.

Can I age a character up?
No. Characters can only be played from ages shown in their canon points. Remember, though, that age does affect a person's personality and that will need to be reflected in the application.

Can child characters have jobs?
Yes, as long as they are 14 and up. They may not work in bars, however. That is only for adults.

What does this landlord look like?
No one knows. He does come out for house calls occasionally, but even when you look at him, you can't really explain his face. After he leaves, you can't recall a single thing about his appearance. He's perfected true anonymity.

What is a "lessor" anyway?
It means one who owns a lease. Except you're paying with your bodies, here, and not money. In a non-sexual way, of course.

My character dropped their keys and lost them!
Never fear! A new set will appear in their pocket, handbag, hand, etc. as soon as they're dropped. The old set will never be found again.

They lost their phone too, oops.
Phones are a different story. If you lose it, call it. The phones batteries never run out, surprisingly. Hopefully someone will pick it up and find it.

Actually they ruined their phone. Sorry bout it.
Destroyed phones will be replace immediately via the mailbox. You just can't get rid of these fuckers.

It's a gate surrounding the community, not a wall. What can I see through the bars?
If your character happens to travel far enough to get close to the outside gates and peek through them, all they will see is dense forest. It's almost jungle like. Not much else is known about the outside other than it's very, very green, cold, and smelly.

Can't they just climb over it? I hop fences all the time.
Well, one, it's got a pretty spiky top to it. Also, sure, they can climb over. But once they hit the ground, if they stand up and look around, they will be right back on the other side like nothing ever happened.

Digging under?
Digging under the fence would just meet you with the same thing as on top of it: metal bars extending far down into the dirt, as far as you can go. Digging anywhere will just get you dirt, dirt, and more dirt!

Oh yeah. What does my house look like inside?
It's pretty bare and white-walled. You can paint it, renovate it, knock out walls, etc. The landlord has given full creative license to you. This is your new home after all. You're free to decorate it however you'd like.

There will be, however, a room list that is uniform with all houses:

Two bedrooms
Two bathrooms
A living room
A foyer
A kitchen
A dining room
An office
A laundry room
A garage
A small attic-like space

There is also a backyard with a lawn area and an in-ground pool that is decent in size, as well as a patio.

Only two bedrooms?
Well, yeah. You'v got two kids and a spouse, possibly. How many bedrooms do you need?

What about beds...?
In the master bedroom, normally reserved for the happy couple (or, if you're pleasantly single), and it holds one king sized bed. The children's room will hold two twin sized beds.

You can, of course, buy another bed for the main bedroom, if sleeping with a stranger who happens to be married to you is not something you would like to do. Children may also move their beds to separate rooms. It's up to you to customize your house anyway you please.

So do they have computers here?
Yes, actually. BUT when you turn them on and try to go onto the internet, a big red screen will pop up, deterring you from connecting to anything. Try anyway? Your computer shuts down automatically. Turn it back on and try again? The joke is on you because there isn't any net to get on anyway.

There is a webcam, though. And a community wide chat room.

Is anything hackable?
Everything will be public unless stated otherwise, here. Hacking isn't possible even for private things. Security is a big stress, here, and any hackers, if they attempt their trade, will have their computers shut down immediately.

I'm feeling nitpicky. What kind of computers.
Your new lessor is a very anti-Apple guy. All computers are Windows run laptops.

There's only one car per house, right?
Yes. It's basically a first come, first served thing. First family member in the house gets the car. If they want to give it up when your character gets there, then that's up to you guys. You're all a family now, whether you like it or not.

My character can't drive in canon. Can they drive now.
Nope. Have fun on the roads!

What is the driving age? The drinking age? Smoking age?
Again, mimicking modern America, the driving age will be 16 and teens will be taught how to drive in school a year prior at 15. Smoking is also the same and a character of 18 and older can buy cigarettes. Unlike America and following a more European standard, any adult may drink, meaning anyone of 18 and over. Please drive, drink, and smoke responsibly, both in and out of character!

What sorts of animals are around here?
The typical animals you'd see in a suburban area. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, the occasional deer, stray cats and dogs. There's a farm in the area, so you can also god mod some animals escaping from it!

What's the sky look like?
Just like our sky here.

Is there public transportation?

What can I expect from the television?
Occasionally, things can be broadcast from homeworlds with Landlord approval. Equipment for TV broadcast is available to be purchased n stores. Asking for your own production to be broadcast is perfectly fine! Other than that, the TV is usually just for watching or playing media since all stations are green unless a news bulletin is played (such as in the case of the murders).

Do the schools require uniforms? Anything? School supply lists?
No. The schools here are pretty much useless. Sorry.

Are the houses separated by a fence or are they just next to each other?
The front of the houses are not separated by fences BUT the backyards are fenced in. In regards to houses and their placement, it's three houses to a block. So 1400, 1401, 1402 face 1403, 1404, 1405 while 1403, 1404, 1405 share a backyard fence with 1406, 1407, 1408. It goes on from here.

What are the types of phones the landlord gives the residents?
The types of phones given to each character are completely up to the players discretion. So basically any kind of circa 2013 technology will be usable. If a player chooses to have their phones from home given to them, technology can be highly advanced but special powers that the phones may hold are blocked.

What forms of media can be found?
Any! Canon names and possible not canon names. Regarding canons, some people like to be specific and buy Naruto and etc but others will make up similar names so as to avoid fourth walling. Either way works, it's all up to personal preferences. But things like this can be found here.

Give me specifics on the car.
They are 2012 Chevrolet Camero convertibles and automatics!

What all is punishable by law?
For now, just murder. All other crimes are not punished by the Landlord.

What is the year in game?
While the technology is modern to our world and the cars say 2012, it's been revealed that our year (2012) is year 2 in Holly Heights. 2014 will be year 3 and so on.

If my character can fly/gets a way to fly, what happens if they try to fly up?
There's not so much an invisible barrier or anything, just a heavy force. You can go up about the height of a medium-sized skyscraper. Think about 100 stories.

What is the NPC situation like in the school?
There are a few NPC teachers, but not many since the school's population is small. There are no NPC children; NPCs are just adults to inhabit vacant houses and take jobs.

Can my character get items from home back?
Your landlord doesn't particularly get this sentiment, but if it's what you want, it's what you'll get. Regaining items will happen every so often and normally will be prizes or privileges earned, except when he's feeling generous. The only other time an item can be regained is if you make a strong case with him in his inbox. Note that this shouldn't be abused to get every single thing your heart desires.

What can my character regain?
Anything, within reason. Make sure it is an item that they either have in canon, have had in canon, or that it would make sense for them to have had in canon. Also, no, your character can't have any form of transportation unless it is an animal. You have a convertible, use it. Flying out of here isn't an option.

If a character wishes to regain an animal, however, it must be an animal and nothing more. Appable animals are a no go as they can be played as humans in game.

Powers can also be regained. Any earth shattering ones will be dumbed down. Usually, though, if your character has a magical item, ie a wand, they'll gain the wand then the power.

On the power front, how would vampirism work?
As everyone starts out as human, they would to. Their vampire powers could be regained as long as they didn't distract from the fact that they were human. Fangs, blood drinking, strength, that's fine. Turning into a bat or something isn't.

All characters are humanized?
All characters are humanized.

So what about body parts that aren't human?
They're taken away at the beginning of the game and can't be regained. As a bit or irony, the landlord might decide to give an ex-catboy a fake set of ears or a pair of strap on wings to a bird girl.

I want to be a Puella Magi! How does the soul gem thing work?
To become as human as possible, their souls would be returned to their body and their soul gems would disappear, but they can be regained if the player wishes them to be.

Can Pokémon characters regain their Pokémon? Are their moves or how many they can regain capped?
They sure can! And I don't see a need to put a cap on it since there's not really a lot of chances to get stuff back in the first place. They'd keep their moves too.

When my character is dropped, where do their regains go? If they come back, can they have them back?
When it comes to characters that are reapped, they do not get their regains back since all of their items are left when they leave. If someone didn't have plans for these items, it can be retconned that they gave them to someone or put special items somewhere for safe keeping for some reason, etc.

In the scenario that the character they were given to was dropped, if they had plans for them then that would be where those items were. But if they didn't then the items are in a sort of limbo. It's basically set that if you don't decide what you're doing with a characters item, it disappears, but again, this can be retconned if you talk to a dropped player.

Intangible things like powers, though not limited to powers, are kept upon a reapp with memories, because it's basically as if they've just been on an extended leave in game; they're the same character upon coming back.

Characters apped with a clean slate or apped by a different person get to restart on regains.

What if my character has extra sets of limbs. Do those get taken/Can I get those back?
Yes, extra sets of limbs will be taken but it is possible to regain with special regain privileges.

My character has tattoos (tattoos on their inhuman body). What would happen to those?
They are kept! If a limb or part of the character's body is taken, then the tattoo would be taken, but only then.

If my character was carrying an item, what happens to it?
It is taken. They can be regained later!

My character has a familiar or animal. Can I get them back?
As long as the creature has no real personality and is considered non-appable, then it can be regained!

I'm a Homestuck. Anything I should know about? [ shooshpaps ]
Yes! For Homestuck trolls, their blood will turn boring old red, no matter what. Nonhuman boyparts will be lost and the skin will be changed to a human typical colour (you can decide what race they are and what skin colour they have upon humanizing them). Any other abnormal traits will be humanized, though they can be regained with special coupons.

My character is sick and/or dying in canon. Does that change?
Yes. All illnesses have been taken from them. They instead will have a weaker constitution. There is an exception, however, with characters in wheelchairs. Their houses will be modified to accommodate them. Any questions can be addressed below in comment form.

What about wounds?
Healing wounds upon entrance applies to those that are life threatening but that are also not permanent. Things that are just like minor cuts, twisted ankles, it's all kept.

Allergies or asthma?
Allergies are kept, but asthma will be treated like the taken illness rule states and they will have a weaker constitution, so pretty much treated like allergies too.

If my character can't speak/read/etc, will they be able to on arrival?
Nope. All things like that must be learned. Although the house will be fitted to deaf/blind/disabled people once they arrive there and if they leave, the adjustments will disappear. Phones and etc will have braille.

Documents such as that would be in Braille, and cell phones and houses would be suited to your character's needs disability wise. Braille books and other literature are also available!

My character has a fake arm or one that's made out of, well, something that's not flesh and bone. Or they're missing one.
It'd be fitted with a fully functioning prosthetic. Those parts would be replaced with prosthetic ones, so very much robotic in one sense but without all the bells and whistles of their previous ones.

What about a character that already has a prosthetic or robotic arm?
If it's a normal prosthetic, it will be kept. Robotic arms will not be.

My character is missing an eye or more than one.
Glass eyes will be provided to them, but sight will not be.

Can characters get sick while in Holly Heights?
It used to be impossible but after an event, illnesses have been unlocked!

What about multiple personalities?
Supernatural multiples like Moka Akashiya or Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh! can have their other selves regained with their items that make this happen. People that are apped in with actual DID are applicable as is.

There isn't a INSERT LOCATION HERE in Holly Heights yet, and I don't want to run the place. Can I ask you to make it for me?
Funny story, actually. It's there, it's just no one knows it is yet. Request to have a store/building/whatever put on the list, and it's yours. The building will become NPC run and then applicable for those who want jobs to work in.

How do stores get restocked and what do they get stocked with?
Magic in the middle of the night! Just like most stuff here. Absolutely anything can show up in your store.

What's the salary of jobs around here?
If you own the job, it's up to you. If you work for someone, it's up to them. If you work for an NPC, just google a salary and if it sounds good to you, then it's good to me.

Are unmentionables and unsavorables sold? (ie drugs, sexual things, booze, cigs, etc)
For cigarettes, alcohol, and sexual paraphernalia, these can all be found in stores! When it comes to drugs, there's no store that sells them, and the only things that can be produced are drugs that require chemicals and other things to make them (meth, etc). So cannabis would require seeds which don't grow here. If your character had some or you can reason they had some at home, you are free to ask for them!

How easy is it to get ahold of guns or lethal weaponry?
Easily. If you can find a shop for it, then you can get it! Since they are things that can be sold in stores, there's bound to be a gun shop around. No laws against or for it either. There's practically no laws at all!

Who can I app and how many?
Any character with enough canon, and two per app round for a total of five.

Can I play from webcomics?
Absolutely, as long as there's enough personality and canon to go off of.

What about silent protagonists such as the Persona 3/4 leads?
Sure. Please stick to the canon personality tidbits that are offered, though, and try not to devote too much of your understanding of them to headcanon or supposition.

My character looks 12 but is actually a gazillion! What slot are they in?
Adult. The way characters are placed in relation to age is based on how long they've been around. Here are some examples:
A 90 year old in a 12 year olds body: Adult
A 12 year old in a 90 year olds body: Child

What canons can't I app from?
Vocaloid is the only specific one I can think of (spin offs with canon information don't count; apping a Vocaloid from song verses only is not allowed). As a blanket statement, canons without enough, well, canon...those you can't app from. A webcomic with ten pages or a long series that only has one volume out probably will get you a rejection if that's the canon you're apping from.

So until someone apps in a woman/man suited to my adult character, there's no one to fill that role for them?
Nope. Don't try chatting up the NPCs, either. They carry mace and they aren't afraid to use it.

That's a lie. But really, it's no use talking to them unless it's a conversation in which "Will that be all for you?" or "Please turn off all cell phones." will be beneficial to you.

My character has a spouse in canon and they app in. Is my character still married to them?
Yes, and polygamy is illegal and you will be evicted immediately.

Kidding, kidding! Canon marriages have no standing here. There is a way around it though. No one is telling anyone they have to stay in the house they were given. If your characters in canon love interest does app in, and both parties consent, one of the two can always just ask for a copy of the others key. Or both! Once a character has someone's key that's been landlord given, they can enter and do whatever they wish in the house, though it's not theirs.

Can I swap spouses if I'm not happy with them?
It depends. If you just ugh, don't like the character and tch, I'm not feeling this and sigh I just don't like this dynamic, then that's the luck of the draw. Interactions with your spouse can be minimal, but please talk to them about what you can change and how to make the situation comfortable.

However, if it's because you have bad history or are uncomfortable with the player, then that's perfectly fine. You can be switched. It would be totally sweet if you alerted me in your app as to who you DON'T want to be housed with if you want a random housing assignment.

For a written history (or history sections in general), what are you looking for?
Long enough to just give the key points in the person's canon in relation to their character and story line. It doesn't need to be a novel, but if it does need to be then I don't mind! Just write enough to get the basic information across and you should be fine!

Before I get to work on this, how will the orientation thing affect my app getting accepted or rejected and so on.
It's more so for us so we can figure out what kind of spouse your character will have. Orientation has no real bearing on whether an app will get accepted or rejected. If the reasoning is outlandish, doesn't make sense, or goes against canon, however, it will 9.9 times out of 10 get revisioned for a proper reasoning and explanation.

Can I canon update my character?
Yup. There's a post for that here.

Can I use samples from sex games (Z, Amat, CWP) or from smut threads?Gore and horror threads? Despicable kinks that my mother would disown me for?
Yes! I'm over 18 and I've got a iron stomach so show me your worst. Well, not your worst samples. You get it.

Can I reuse samples from other games?

I dropped my character, but I want to reapply them. What happens?
All their memories may be kept. They'll just wake up in the hospital instead of on their lawn. It'll be treated more as a death than a complete loss.

If someone else has already applied and dropped the character you are applying, you may choose to continue where they left off or completely reset and start anew. The old CR that character had will still remember everything, though.

Can I app a character from past their death.

Can I app in characters with memories and CR from other games?
No and you never will be able to. It has been decided by the community.

Not yet though it may be discussed again.

Nope, never ever, sorry.

Pregnant characters? Can my character get pregnant?
No. For whatever reason, whatever magic, it's not going to happen. Characters can't be apped during pregnancy either.

Can I app a character that is only seen in flashbacks? How about apping one that is younger or older than what they are in canon.
To the first, yes you may as long as they have personality/history. For the second, it's also a yes as long as the canon 1. shows them at this age or you have a good idea of how they would look at this age and 2. the canon explains how they would act at this age.

In the case of a character who has no name ever given in canon or by word of god, can we give them headcanon names/nicknames to work with?
Headcanon names are fine! You won't be asked to use them too much, they'll just normally be used for contact list stuff or to be identified for an event.

With app samples, what all goes toward the sentence count?
In total means in bracket and out. Of course, sometimes when that still isn't satisfactory, I'll ask for more, but that's usually for talkative or more prominently vocal characters. For the quieter ones, you can get away with more in brackets or all in brackets, as long as it shows you know how to play your character.

What timezone is the game set in?
CST. This is the mods timezone and will be used just to keep it easy for me to keep on time and on schedule.

Can we break the 4th wall?
Sure. Be sure to check with the player of the character you're about to brainbreak though.

A player is making me uncomfortable...what do I do?
Tell a mod right away. There is complete confidentiality and we will do our best to make the situation right again.

Can I use an account that is part of another roleplay?

My question isn't answered here.
1. Read. All. The. Other. Pages. Please. I can't stress this enough. Some information on there is not listed here just so things aren't completely redundant. So many questions have been asked here that have been answered on other pages. Applying into the game, there is a sort of unspoken trust that you actually have read and will be willing to read all information pages. No, you are not expected to remember every little thing, but please check back to them if you are unsure BEFORE coming here.
2. There are a lot of case by case situations and just little things I've left out! If you've done the above and still can't find the answer, please just comment below.
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i have a super huge and important question. i dont know if you're familiar with his canon, but in case you're not:

dexter has something he calls a 'dark passenger' which he takes care of by killing people off, but only by a specific code. if he keeps it all inside and doesn't fuel his urge (that he controls, most of the time), he becomes very easily angered/snappy/unable to sleep. keeping himself from killing for a long amount of time is incredibly hard for him and makes it hard to focus on anything at all. a person who has killed/raped/etc etc is someone that is a part of his code.

basically, the code consists of never killing an innocent, making sure evidence/proof is available, the kill must serve a purpose. usually, he goes for criminals that have been 'let go' by the police and kills them in order to feed his urge, but dexter often ignores this and sabotages police investigations in order to have the criminal for himself.

SO BASICALLY i wanted to know if there were, possibly, any 'rogue' npcs available for this to be easier on him, and on other players in case no one has a character they're willing to give up for a brutal murder/anyone that fits the code.

which leads me to ask

is there a beach and/or boats to be rented?
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[personal profile] seasaltblues 2012-06-28 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I was reading how everyone that arrives turns "as human as they can be". Would that affect Nobodies and replicas, too?

(no subject)

[personal profile] seasaltblues - 2012-06-28 19:28 (UTC) - Expand

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shipwrecking: (Default)

[personal profile] shipwrecking 2012-07-19 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
Question regarding Murasa's Tanabata wish! She got her powers as a youkai back, but I was reading through some questions (sob yeah I have too much time) and here you stated characters can't regain powers like floating and inhuman forms. Murasa's youkai abilities includes shedding her flesh body to go into her true ghost form and flight, and I'm wondering if she'd be able to do the former here since she's no longer dead and it seems like it'd be going against what you stated in your answer to the linked question. I know that the whole Tanabata deal was that wishes would be granted with no questions, but I just wanted to double-check before I did something stupid.
shipwrecking: (Default)

[personal profile] shipwrecking 2012-08-22 08:29 am (UTC)(link)
So Tenshi and Murasa are gonna investigate how buildings appear in HH by wishing for new businesses then staking out potential locations where they'd show up. Also, around next app round when new people arrive, they'll be watching empty lots to see if and how new houses appear.

Will they be able to see how the buildings appear or would the buildings come around when the two happen to look away/blink/fall asleep/etc.?
mayoboro: ❥demonic-vice-commander @tumblr (Default)

[personal profile] mayoboro 2012-09-24 08:03 am (UTC)(link)
QUESTION ABOUT JOBS: i realise jobs are pretty vague but can be a thing, but that the police/justice unit in is especially vague and just there for the sake of. or something, right? what about characters who feel strongly about an actual proper police unit? i mean! what i have in mind, with my character in particular, is to run some sort of police patrolling different from the default hh one--if that makes sense. i promise it won't be anything to cause a riot or what have you. but just as a sort of proper, working organisation (albeit probably small?) that gets involved in these mundane cop activities. would it be a big no-no from the lessor if it existed openly? --IF THAT'S THE CASE what's your opinion on businesses running under a guise of being another business. B)


QUESTION ON PROPERTY DAMAGE: what ... are the consequences of, say, someone ramming a car into a house. is there insurance to cover the damages? ...will the car be replaced/the house fixed? should we rather Not. as it is, broken things in general--like a rearview mirror or windows--what's the policy on that?

thank you oAo
observesthings: (★ →  but when I)

[personal profile] observesthings 2012-12-25 08:32 pm (UTC)(link)
So, I was reading through the things about items brought from home, and I didn't find the answer to this. If I missed it, I'm sorry.

Yukiteru here (as well as Yuno, who is also reserved) have something called a 'Future Diary.' They have cellphones (though Future Diaries don't necessarily have to be a cellphone) that predict the future, though each one does so in a different way (for example, Yukiteru's will predict almost anyone's future except for his own, while Yuno's will only predict Yukiteru's).

However, they come with a pretty big catch, which is why I'm posting this. The Diaries literally hold the Diary Holder's future inside of them; in other words, if the Diary is destroyed or otherwise permanently lost, the Holder doesn't just die, they are essentially erased from existence and vanish into thin air. I'd compare them to a Puella Magi's Soul Gem in this sense; they are something they must have.

How would this be handled? And assuming they can either keep the Diaries or regain them, how would their predictions be handled? A simple permissions post?
Edited (apparently I can't type today) 2012-12-25 20:36 (UTC)
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[personal profile] sakotis 2012-12-25 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! Here I am, mod-chan.

I told the Puella Magi players that they would be able to have their souls in their bodies but could regain their transformation and other soul gem abilities.


Being familiar with the canon but not too fresh with it, I'm remembering that the souls of the characters were in their bodies and that the Future Diaries were more so connected to them without their actually being some sort of astral transferal. This means that it would be a sort of ability to be regained. So if this is the case, the characters would receive their cell phones as normal, then would regain its future telling abilities, THEN the ability to kill their owner if they don't have it.

If they are more like soul gems in the fact that it actually contains a part of their soul and/or essence, then it would be the same thing minus regaining the cellphone connection.

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bytwo: (Default)

[personal profile] bytwo 2013-01-07 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
A couple character-specific questions!

First off, River has severe psychological damage/illness. How would the Landlord handle that? Would she have a prescription for medications to help her cope, or...?

Second! River is way beyond anything found in K-12 schools (she was in a graduate programme for physics at 14). Would she still have to attend classes, or would she be moved to the college, or something else?
firelotus: (#11)

[personal profile] firelotus 2013-02-21 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
So, as I've read through the F.A.Q. and rules and rules etc and not found anything to clear my questions, here are a few concerning a character I'm writing an app for right now.

Concerning killing characters; I was not intending to kill anyone else (I'm not in the game yet, anyways) but this character has shoved his whole hand through where his heart is (supposed to be) just to show that he can't die. If he did something like that at HH to try it out (and it wouldn't be beyond him) would he still end up in the abandoned hospital or would he go to jail for murdering himself? (It sounds pretty stupid, maybe, but considering all the people he's killed without getting punished, it'd be pretty darn amusing)

Second question about that character. I read in another question that healing injuries is a sort of case-by-case thing (if I've understood correctly) and I want to take him from a point in canon where he is wounded but healing. (he's an undead and heal faster than normal people, but as the damage was pretty severe this time around, it's taking some time to heal up.) He's got part his face covered in bandages, as is his arms and although his chest is also bandaged, it's not certain that he's still got wounds there, as he always wears bandages around his torso.

And concerning cars; the guy's got preferences to cars (and while I know nothing of cars, I know for sure that it's not the type of car that the households automatically has that was shown on a picture in another question) and he like terrain-ish cars. So my question is; is it possible to exchange the car? Meaning, can he sell the one they have and buy another one more according to his likes?
hallmonitoring: (INTENSE PONDERING)

[personal profile] hallmonitoring 2013-02-27 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a clarification/nitpicky question regarding illnesses! The character in question was born with a sort of congenital disorder caused by a drug used by his mother. The disorder renders him deaf, which wouldn't be changed, but additionally people with his condition require daily doses of aformentioned drug to regulate their bodies.

So what I'm asking is, would the reliance on the drug be removed as an illness, or be viewed more as akin to part of his disability?

(no subject)

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toothandnail: (pic#5859846)

[personal profile] toothandnail 2013-03-16 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Question regarding this douche right here. Grimmjow has his a mask on his jaw, also a hole in his abdomen.

Would he get to keep these, as they're parts of him (or lack thereof)? I'm just wondering, since all characters are humanized. He still looks like a human aside from those, he'd just feel pretty not-himself if they were taken away/filled up. This whole thing is hilarious and terrible, I'm sorry.

If they were taken away, that's totally fine — just wondering if I had the option to keep them if I wanted to.

(no subject)

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[personal profile] chivilerous 2013-04-07 05:19 pm (UTC)(link)
So I'm apping Raven here from Tales of Vesperia and he has this big magical stone crystal thing where his heart should be, keeping him alive. Would he keep it or would the landlord change it into like a prosthetic or something, like glass eyes and etc? He never shows it and it's always under his clothes so idk if that changes anything.
canthandleit: (crona rag)

[personal profile] canthandleit 2013-05-31 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Not sure if you're familiar with my canon, but with how many characters you've got from it here, I think maybe you might be. Anyway! Two questions.

1. My character has a separate entity -- "Ragnarok" -- that lives in her body, (as kinda shown in the picture above). He's part of her blood, and can materialize as an extension of her body in a couple different forms, though they are technically two entirely separate personas. Does he count as a body part that isn't human? Would she lose him when she comes in? (Not that she'd be too upset by that...)

2. As I said above, there are a lot of characters from my canon here. No, I don't know any of them OOCly, (at least not yet), but brought my character here to interact with other castmates. Would my character retain her memories of them? Furthermore, would it be wrong/weird/creepy/inappropriate in any way whatsoever to ask to be housed with them? What's the protocol on that?

(no subject)

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(Anonymous) 2013-06-29 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
Just to be sure, since I don't think I see anything that covers this:

My possible character is a host to supernatural entities. I assume they won't have them inside their soul once they're in the community?
tsuns: (Default)

[personal profile] tsuns 2013-06-29 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
Nope, they won't!
onetwodontdie: (nope not the face of a fighter)

[personal profile] onetwodontdie 2013-07-01 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, I checked everything and I have one weird question and one...less weird one?

Jacob, this character, is a fairly minor character in the film he's from and while there's a lot of information about what he is/does the only thing we get about his life before he died is from an interview with Jeremy Make, the actor who plays Jacob; "Jamin had the idea that Jacob was in and out of foster homes during his life, having been witness to his own mother’s death at the hands of her boyfriend. As such, Jacob found solace in, and was taken under the wing of, an accomplished musician whose tough love guidance augmented Jacob’s penchant for music (the violin perhaps). When he tried to intervene in a domestic abuse situation years later, he was killed."

The weird question is that one of the other people who are like Jacob (dead, but basically being dream guardians) says when asked how old she is "That's hard to tell. For people like me a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day". It's a really weird film. If he's acceptable to apply for how...would I handle the question? Age at which he died?
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[personal profile] warmest 2013-07-05 12:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Question! What comes with red king's aura, that Mikoto has regained a while back already, is that he can initiate new members into the clan by ... well, the technical aspects of it have never been explained, but it'd be either by infusing them with his power or creating a link with the slate. That said, my question is: is it something that's at all possible at HH, would that ability have to be a separate regain or is it something that would be returned with the aura?

I hope that makes sense sob I can explain in more detail if necessary.
virtualgirl: (Really...?)

[personal profile] virtualgirl 2013-07-08 01:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I have kind of a similar question to Chibiusa's a while back, for a different kind of situation! With characters whose chronological and physical ages differ and are definitely minors either way, does the landlord lean any particular way with school placement?

Say you have a physical teenager who's only been around long enough to be in single digits and never actually went to school. Would she be more likely to be placed in high school or lower? Or is it entirely up to player interpretation? (This is a hard one for me because, as stated, she never actually went to school... and she's very knowledgeable in some areas while being pathetically naive and even ignorant in others.)

I assume we can fudge around with the details from the other answers here, I'm just wondering if there's any particular default the landlord would go for. So I know how much I should OOCly decide where she should be placed and/or ICly have her figure out if she should remain where she is or transfer elsewhere.

In a related question, is the "14 and up" rule for having jobs enforced at all (based on chronological age, I mean)? And if so, would there be any particular ways around it ICly? (Getting paid under the table, volunteer work, et cetera...)

Sorry for being needlessly complicated! I hope I've been clear enough...
poland: (Default)

[personal profile] poland 2013-07-08 01:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I wouldn't really worry about the school! The system for that here is (intentionally) flawed, and while she'd be officially placed in a school suited for her chronological age, none of that is enforced and she'd be free to do as she please with school once it opens again.

I believe I've answered a question like this once but it's possible I didn't stick it up on the FAQ when I did a clean out. Children may work, but the money that is transferred to their card for their work will actually go to a parent, since the landlord isn't one to let children run around with large amounts of money willy nilly. The way around this is to talk to the parent slots in the house to see which one would be best to get the money (ie which one would be more likely to actually give it to your character in most cases).

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(Anonymous) 2013-07-09 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
Can we get pets? I don't mean anyone's animals that they had in canon, but if we wanted to, could our characters go to one of the shops or animal shelters that are presumably around and get a puppy or something?
yukimi: (wounded)

[personal profile] yukimi 2013-07-09 08:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I have a quick regain question. It is possible to regain a missing limb? Yukimi's right arm was severed in battle prior to his arrival. Thanks!
sixwinged: (lind → c'mon and face me)

[personal profile] sixwinged 2013-07-11 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Quick question! In their canon, Agito, Akito, and Lind all have differently shaped pupils. Akito's is normal, Agito's is slit like a cat's eye, and Lind has what's called twinkle eyes ( crosses with -- crosses going across them ). Agito's aren't really attributed to anything but, well, just being like that ( and their body is completely human, he's not special or anything ), bbut Lind's are attributed to genetic experimentation that occurred when they were very young.

Would their pupils stay like that, orrr would they become normal?
aiai: he's like mlp reborn as a human (camus as a pretty pony is legit)

[personal profile] aiai 2013-07-11 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
i've searched through the pages and couldn't find an answer to my question so!!

the computers in the household, they're not capable of connecting to the internet but are they customizable in any way? like creating programs, expanding the memory, etc or will they refuse any kind of customization done on them and die/shut down?
shoubai: (003)

[personal profile] shoubai 2013-07-11 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
Concerning businesses!

Is there any limit whatsoever about when a new character can apply to open a business? Any fancy pre-requisites?
Related to the above, is there any policy in place for buying out businesses that have no player-run management or owners? How does the business model run in Holly Heights? ie is a monopoly at all possible?

OH YEAH. Related to the above two topics! Can a business owner run more than one enterprise? Say this idiot here was all about running a store. What if he were to up and open up, say, a brewery? Or another shop?
Edited 2013-07-11 09:15 (UTC)
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[personal profile] stonewall 2013-07-12 08:47 am (UTC)(link)
Quick questions re: powers! Snow's coat actually uses technology, not magic, to enhance his strength — it won't let him cast any spells, but it does let him get up close and personal with monsters using his own two fists. Would this work here, or would his coat just be a normal coat?
keepcalmandbomb: (thumbs up // this is a great deal)

[personal profile] keepcalmandbomb 2013-07-19 06:49 pm (UTC)(link)
A bit of a specific question: If someone were to try and create/film a show (a talk show, in this case), would it be possible to get it to show up on TV, aside from being broadcast as a video on the network?

(no subject)

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inaudibly: (( ?´_ゝ`))

[personal profile] inaudibly 2013-07-30 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Small technical question, if a character is missing an arm but doesn't have any sort of replacement for it, would they still be fitted with a prosthetic arm or just remain as they were?
poland: (Default)

[personal profile] poland 2013-08-04 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, they would be! (sorry for the wait omg)
fish_or_die: (Connected Hearts)

[personal profile] fish_or_die 2013-08-04 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
Just a quick question about houses. I read the list of above rooms, but do houses have anything other than the two stories? I mean, do they have an attic, a basement, or a garage specifically.
poland: (Default)

[personal profile] poland 2013-08-04 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
Houses only have one story, and they do have a garage, an a small attic space. There are no basements in houses, however.

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