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What the hell is going on?

Your character been brought to the lovely community of Holly Heights. It's a gated town, self sufficient in every way. Your character is stuck here and there's nothing they can do about it.

Where is my character going to wake up at?
Didn't you read the profile? In one of their lovely lawn chairs out front, holding the keys to their new house and sweet ride.

Okay so what now?
Let's take it from the top so you're not confused anymore.

Well, most people would try to go in the house now, first of all. Let's say you get out of that snazzy chair and march yourself up to the front door of the abode you're in front of, maybe to break in or to pound on that door mercilessly because by gum you want answers. But wait, what's this? Taped to the door quite neatly is a rather thick mailing envelope with your name written on it. Do you open it? Let's say you do. Inside is a stack of papers, no more than 10, which looks like boring paperwork. Look carefully though. On the front of this stack is your name quite clearly printed out. Upon reading it, you'll discover this house, car, yard? All yours. And you don't have to pay a dime for it.

Also in this envelope is a cell phone. It might be familiar to you, it might be new. It's also yours. Think of it as a house-warming gift. So is the well-stocked fridge inside, but more on that later. There also might be some other people inside, but don't sweat the small stuff.

The only other thing besides more boring lease agreement papers is a single business card, eerily simplistic in it's wording and design.

So what's the big point of this game?
A big trend in the RP world right now is horror and action. Here, the landlord wants you to be as happy and blissfully comfortable as he is. Of course, some people would object to being "kidnapped" (such a nasty word, though), married off, and told they can't leave. Some people. All in all, this game is about the life your character could have. A life of domestic bliss and homey comforts without all the exploding organs and battle arenas some games have to offer.

Doesn't that get boring, though?
Well, of course. If I sat you in a house with a pool, I'm sure you'd get bored too. That's where interactions and events come from. Here, you have the ability to plod along with the rest of us or you can make your own fun. Try to start a revolution, make a garage band, try some new foods. Whatever floats your wee little boat.

Plain and simple, you're doing it right if you're having fun, going with the set plot or following the beat of your own drum.

So there is a plot? And there are events
Plot wise, sort of. Nothing to in your face PLOT TIME GO GO GO GO GO!! for you. But yes, there is an over-arching something or other going on. You didn't expect it to all be 100% sunshine and roses, right?

And of course! Every community has events. Dances, fairs, holidays, parades, and much more! There's also tragedies such as natural disasters and deaths. It varies depending on the month, the weather, and just whenever stuff happens. There will normally be one big event a month, most of which holiday related. It is not necessary to participate in these.

But who is this landlord guy?
The landlord is a tricky fellow. The whole purpose of yours new living situation is to be happy, living a life that is care free and without the troubles and toils of your regular life and in your normal environment. What he doesn't understand is that some people are more happy left alone and that it takes all sorts. Everyone in Holly Heights has the same cookie cutter house with a cookie cutter car and cookie cutter expectations, give or take a few lee-ways. Why would you want to leave? No matter how much anyone tries to reason with him, he's certain he's right and certain that in the end, you'll see eye to eye.

What are the gates around this place like?
Twenty feet tall, barred and spiked, but they still hold a certain splendor to them. The gated outside is gold but the enclosed districts have gates of colour. In the northwest there is the Alumni Gate, bars surrounding it yellow and shining where schooling happens. South west of it lies the Housing Gate, green-enclosed and where you'll find residence. Right of that is the Shopping Gate, blue in colour and the location of all stores and offices, gated with blue. Last and above the Shopping Gate is the Pleasure Gate, home of entertainment, eateries, and assorted other pastimes, all surrounded by red. Shaped like a Venn diagram, where each gate touches is an entrance way with a door and keyhole. When driving, simply stop, unlock the gate with the appropriate key, and it will open for you. This also goes for walking and other small forms of travel.

The bottom line is...?
You now live in Holly Heights, premiere gated community, located where? No one knows. Just that once the gates close, they aren't going to open anytime soon.

Holly Heights is a panfandom roleplay focusing on the simpler things in life as well as relationship building. A character will be assigned to a house and family and will live life through the Holly Heights town. Rainstorms, street fairs, family outings. The only danger to you here is the possibility of a neighbourhood tussle or a minor fender bender going to the old grind stone. School dances and parades are more common here than murders and thefts. Kick back and relax. You don't have to pay your landlord with anything but your presence in his beautiful town. No rent and only the occasional unexpected drop in. He wants everyone to be comfortable. He doesn't want you to leave.