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Your Landlord

The only commenting NPC here as of late is the ever infamous landlord. The lessor. He's the one that brought you here and he's not afraid to admit it. Why? So you could be happy. Everything is perfect in Holly Heights. Of course, when people are added to the mix, perfection has to be sacrificed. The landlord above all else wants you, your family, absolutely everyone to be happy here. If you want a building, he'll provide it. If your car breaks down, it will be fixed. If you didn't believe in God before, you might start to now. He's the closest thing you can get.

Occasionally the landlord will make appointed house calls. They're brief, nonchalant, and unexpected.

But why has he done this? Why has he taken you out of your element, away from family, loved ones, friends, and placed you in this suburban jungle?

Who knows. You might find out one day.

To give the community that nice Pleasentville meets Lipstick Jungle look, civilians will mill about in houses, districts, and practically anywhere. Like the officers, they don't need keys to move around and don't have any real drive. Unlike the officers, however, they can't and won't enter a character occupied home. They tend to not talk to or interact with the actual residents at all. If contact is initiated, they will simply look deeply confused and go about their business.

The way to tell a civilian from an actual tenant, beside from their erratic behaviour, is their colouring. Civilians will be greyer and duller looking, uninteresting and completely vapid in appearance. No character traits stick out. If you happen to look at two at once and look away...what was the difference between them? What was their hair colour? Eye colour? No one knows. All you can remember is a sad, grey feeling. It might be wise not to talk to them again.

Workers are NPCs that run restaurants, clubs, workplaces, and buildings in place of player characters. These NPCs are just like normal civilians except they appear a lot more cheerful and will actually talk to you. It's their job. Still, it's nearly impossible to recall anything except their grayness.