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Click the hearts to see pictures of the locations. All may not be exact, but close enough to help with visual depiction. Green text indicates mod-owned property that can't be owned or have empoyees. As soon as you comment, please consider your location or job to be in existence/yours!

Holly Heights City Hall
The center of government! Or a nice location for functions. City hall is full of offices and archives, though not particularly useful. If there were elections, the ballots would be located here, as well as various departments for dealing with the public. A place that would be comfortable for politicians.

Holly Heights Court of Justice
The institution's main functions are to review and judge suspicious criminal activity, accusations of crime, pleads of innocence, and appeals. Other functions include settle legal disputes submitted to it by the Holly Height residents and business owners and to provide advisory opinions on legal questions submitted. The building is fortified to withstand many natural disasters and has much free rooms for other organizations to use for meeting purposes. The building also offers drivers education.

Holly Heights Farm
A small farm that deals with livestock more than crops. Home to no more than two horses, five cows, ten chickens and a dozen sheep at the moment, as well as three sheepdogs. There's also a tool shed and a small cottage where the caretakers can rest if they have time.

The Holly Heights Library
The Holly Heights Library is housed in a sprawling old building complete with large windows and of course, rows upon rows of books: from novels to histories, do-it-yourself psychoanalysis to knitting for dummies, you're sure to find something to catch your fancy. Unable to find something? Ask one of the helpful librarians wandering around or try your luck with one of the computers. There is plenty of study space in the great hall, as well as cozy study rooms with over-stuffed armchairs, warm draperies and polished wood tables. If communal studying isn't your thing, there are chairs dotted throughout the library in little corners stuffed full of books for your solitary enjoyment. To keep you in the library for as long as possible, there is a small counter located in the basement serving a variety of juices, caffeinated drinks and cold foods.
Owner: Veronica ([personal profile] protectthecastle)

Holly Riverside Fishery
A river that runs just on the edge of the housing district, close enough for anyone who would want to swim, fish or use the water for other means. A small shack can be found on the bank of it where residents can get fresh fish from the river.
Owner: Badr ([personal profile] adoringdaddy)

The Hospital
The building to the right of the path is the hospital, same in state and stature though two stories taller. When a character dies, they arrive in the hospital, on any floor in any room. Nothing is in the building anymore, save some beds and clipboards. They can make their way out easily. Hopefully they don't get lost in the forest coming back, though.

The Jail
On the outskirts of the houses is a lane that leads straight into the rugged forest that surrounds it on one side. Following it can be tricky, but at the end of the little trail is a clearing with two buildings. On the left is the jail. A signboard stands out front, completely worn down so that its name has no visibility. The jail itself is square and five stories tall, gray and stone but becoming over-grown by mosses and vines. Out back is a small, graveled exercise area. All windows have no glass but they are thickly barred. All doors are locked and it is impossible to enter...unless you have the key of course.

The Landlord's House
Behind both the jail and hospital is a thick forest yet again. Much like the original journey, there is another path, but there is a bit more difficulty in finding it. The path is hidden, overgrown, and decently long and twisting, and most people don't manage to make it all the way due to either frustration or getting lost in the undergrowth. If one does go through to the end, they'll find themselves in a large clearing, holding an expansive garden and ornate, old-fashioned house. Two stories, the house is made of old grey stones with wooden shutters, and is almost like a cottage, if it wasn't so big. Approach the door and grab the handle? You'll see black and wake up in front of your house, no recollection of having walked back home.

Daily Holly Heights
Daily Holly Heights is your neighborhood that just so happens to mirror Daily Yamazaki in almost every way possible. But the most important thing is that it does indeed carry the signature Yamazaki baked goods that this chain is known for. Everything from magazines, manga comic books, soft drinks, onigiri, bento, etc. could be found in this neighborhood konbini. So please stop in at your convenience, in true convenience fashion the shop will be open 24/7!
Character Journal(s):

Hikawa Shrine
A modest Shinto shrine, named after Rei Hino's home shrine in the Azabu-jūban district of Tokyo. Fortune telling services are offered by the miko when available, and talismans can be purchased during ordinary business hours. But primarily, the shrine is intended as a haven for those who wish to train in their own individual sense of spirituality. Should one wish to remain secluded for more intense training, there are rooms available for short periods, with payment and length of stay to be negotiated with the acting head priestess. For ordinary everyday visitors, the grounds are always open and freely available.
Character Journal(s):

Law Enforcement Unit
Located within the housing gate and formerly sponsored by Mayoco, Holly Height's petty law enforcement unit and fire department is responsible for any and all emergencies. Their staff varies from detectives, former cops, heroes and medics, in order to create a proactive policing partnership with its residents by providing quality scouting services through community involvement, working alongside the court house when necessary. Their tasks range from patrolling to taking phone calls from distressed civilians. More information here!
Employees: Here!

Maritime Cafe!
Attached next to the Orchid & Lotus shop in ... complete co-dependent fashion, is an extremely small coffeeshop. Although attached to the flowershop, it isn't affiliated to it. Haru just needs help letting go. Here Haru will whip up anything from teas, coffees, to hot chocolates, even fresh, natural drinks--serving them from a window. Please be nice to the cat that sleeps on the windowsill, and leave a tip!

Character Journal(s): Haruka Nanase ([personal profile] deepend)

Orchid & Lotus
A small and quaint establishment, the Orchid & Lotus is not just a flower shop. While it harbours a wide room where the flowers are on display and the greenhouse is at the back, it also holds a welcoming (although tight-spaced) communal sitting area to have a drink (tea/booze) and read, or whatever activity will encourage the passing of time. It's a two-man operation, and it's clear that it is; the service is friendly and business is slow, but it's the place to go for some quiet time and to have an amicable chat either with Prez behind the counter or Makoto by the flowers.
Owners: Makoto Tachibana ([personal profile] splasher)

St. Fiacre's Cathedral
A Christian/Catholic denominated place of worship. Services are held every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. Holidays will also be heavily celebrated here for those of the denominations faith. The church is extremely ornate, both inside and out. NPCs run the church but any position can be taken over by someone with (or without) the qualifications. They won't, though, have any control over the events and holidays held inside. Worshiping priests and pastors, while NPCs, will still preach...sort of. They read straight from the bible and do no hymnals or speeches. Because of this, services are almost always short and not by the book as they are in most churches. The church is located four blocks southwest of the town square.

Town Square
In the middle of the street-filled area of the housing district is a grassy area holding a pavilion with benches, an open area, an a bulletin board. The bulletin board will contaisn certain pieces of news that will randomly appear or anything a character chooses to stick up there. Town meetings and other events can and possibly will be held here.

Various Parks
Every four or five blocks, there will be a small park, complete with play ground, swings, a bench or two, and a short walking path. There is a much larger park located in the pleasure districts, but for quick jogs or a cheap date, these are easier and closer.

Wild Side Petting Zoo
It's an exotic petting zoo with an abundance of animals, but nothing too overwhelming.

In one pen, there are the sheep, goats, chicken, and rabbits for the smaller children to play with and feed. In another pen are the larger animals, which include an ostrich, kangaroo, zebra, and a giraffe that smaller children with adult supervision and older children can enjoy riding with the assistance of one of the animal helpers

Then there's a small pond with frogs, fish, turtles, and ducklings for everyone to enjoy.

There's also a baby tiger that can be played with under supervision.

The Usual Suspects Clinic
A small clinic dedicated to keeping the people of Holly Heights healthy and happy. Handles anything from cuts and bruises to mental health issues to minor surgery. Our highly trained staff will make you feel at ease and cure your ailments lickity-split!
Owner: Ratio ([personal profile] doctorperspective)

Genbu Apothecary Shop
A humble shop specializing in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines, lotions, charms, and incense. Everything (save the charms) are made on spot. For more info and employment information, see this long post.

Apprenticeships welcome.

Holly Mall
The Holly Mall is the largest building in the Shopping Gate, and entirely NPC run. Here is where the first clothing stores are, the main grocery store, and other miscellaneous shops that cater to needs are located. Though it's only one story, it's quite expansive. It takes up a good portion of the Shopping Gate and contains job opportunities for many citizens, if they want one.

Holly-mart, "H-mart"
Holly Height's very own all-in-one department store, flavored with Holly's very own charm. Want brand name clothing? We've got that. Want generic cheap clothing? We've got that too. Groceries, electronics, goodies baked fresh in our bakery everyday, and even a small sporting goods section! Really, there's no need to shop anywhere else, because Holly-mart will even match competitor prices*. Whether you're joining our ranks as a brand new Holly employee or you're just shopping for that special gift, you know where you want to be. :)

(This is essentially a multi-story Holly Heights flavored Wal-mart, complete with every section imaginable, a Starbucks, a Subway, and a McDonald's. *Competitor price matching only available with proper documentation you cheap scoundrel.)

IKEA holds the key to a perfect home. It's a company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture for any part of the home and is easily affordable. With beautiful display areas, restaurants (that serve Swedish food) and a Swedish food market, it's very homely and welcoming. There is also a play area where children can be dropped off and picked up, and pagers are given to parents in case there is an emergency. Pick up a catalog and see what's right for you at your local IKEA store! Information here!
Owner: Vietnam ([personal profile] hoasen)

Iwai-zake Liquor
Celebrate, and spread good fortune! A shop that carries products from domestic beer brands to the most rare of specialty wines. Be it regional, imported, or good old-fashioned and locally brewed, Iwai-zake offers a wide selection of the finest liquor available. Can't find the brand or make of your dreams? Don't hesitate to inform the owner of this lack; nothing would please him more than providing you with the quality product you desire. Don't miss the daily specials if you're looking for a great deal. Not certain which wines will compliment your main dinner entree? The staff of Iwai-zake Liquor offers only the best and highly-trained, there to help you make the right choice.

Come to Iwai-zake today and find reason to celebrate!

Monday - Sunday 12pm - 12am

Kinagase Motors
Kinagase Motors is a combination bike shop and garage. The entire space has gray concrete flooring and white walls. The front is half bikes on display, half bike parts and safety gear. Provided at the large front counter are consults for newbies and miscellaneous troubleshooting. Along the side of the shop is a driveway that stops in front of the single bay of the attached garage where repairs and customization take place. The shop specializes in motorcycles, but provides service for scooters and Dotonbori Robos, on request. The shop provides lessons on riding safety and technique twice a month.

Character Journal(s): Tsumugu Kinagase ([personal profile] needlegunner)

Pink Paper
A small washi paper boutique that sells a wide selection of different washi paper. You can pick small sheets of paper right away but for bigger works, you'll have to order and pick up in a few days. In the shop is a testing station with ink provided and testing sheets. The shop also contains a small selection of cute washi tapes and origami papers. Behind the boutique, there is a workshop where the paper is made.

A large pet store, housing simple pets (rabbits, cats, dogs, etc.) and an upstairs for more exotic pets (farm animals, foxes, oceanic fish, whatever you want, man). Also sells accessories, clothes, food, training supplies, and other pet related materials. IC interactions for the store can go here!

For interactions, go here.
Owner: Natsuki Shinomiya ([personal profile] apego)

The Training Center
A multi-level training center that is open 24 hours and inhabited by monsters from various worlds that caters to the needs of those that wish to challenge their fighting skills. There are separate areas featuring different degrees of difficulty (Cactuars, Grats, Mesmerize, Marlboros, T-Rexaur, and Ruby Dragons, amongst others), all of which imitate the natural habitats the monsters come from; most notably, woodland and plains. The first area appears to be more staged and straightforward, with paths that area easy to follow. Other levels have terrain that becomes increasingly rugged and more difficult to navigate, however.

There are safe areas on each level, which hold medical supplies to take care of any ailments or injuries they may have incurred as well as a quick route out of the building. There are strict rules for safety that one must abide by if the wish to patronize the center and anyone found being reckless and endangering themselves or others will be escorted off the premises.

The Witch’s Wardrobe
A vintage clothing shop located in a Victorian style house and carrying garments for men and women that span about a century, from the late 1800s to the 1980s.

Each piece is unique and the stock includes a bit of everything from frilly old-fashioned lingerie to vintage band t-shirts to evening gowns and tuxedos. Corsets, flapper dresses, poodle skirts, and leisure suits are among the items you might find on the racks. Shelves, baskets and display cases scattered around the store hold a large selection of vintage accessories to complement the clothes: scarves, neckties, costume jewelry, hats, shoes, handbags, and more. There’s even a costume corner with items like feather boas, cowboy hats, maid outfits, and the like.

Several small curtained off spaces serve as dressing rooms and customers are encouraged to try out new looks!

The shop also offers some tailoring services, mainly alterations and reproductions based on vintage styles.
Employees: Rahzel Anadis ([personal profile] witchplz)

International Commerce Centre
The ICC is one of the tallest buildings in the world and now it's here in Holly Heights! It consists of 118 floors, the topmost of which is a bar called "Ozone." Occupying floors 102 to 116 is the Ritz Carlton Holly Heights hotel. The first 101 (or so) are available for rent for reasonable rates and can be used for any conceivable purpose: entertainment, business, etc. Each floor or office comes unfurnished, but if you bug the (building's) landlord, it can be decorated for a small cost. More information can be found here!
Owner: Hong Kong ([personal profile] bauhinia)

    OZONE bar
    A classy bar at 480m in the sky, this hangout spot is located on the International Commerce Centre's 118th floor.
    Owner: Vietnam ([personal profile] hoasen)

    The Ritz-Carlton Holly Heights
    Why do you need a hotel, you might ask? Well, that is a very good question... that I do not have the answer to right at this moment. But this one is very nice and the rooms are available at a much more reasonable rate than they might be were this building in its original location. It occupies the 102nd to 116th floors of the ICC.

    Job opportunities could be looked into here.
    Owner: Germany | [personal profile] regelkonform

The World Plaza
An assortment of different restaurants and shops showcasing all different types of cultures from various worlds joined into one strip mall. Please contact ??? to be included. The locations are as follows:
A World to Read
A book shop that used to be mostly centered around world history with separate sections for each continent. It's also possible to find fact books on many different topics. The store also has classic and modern novels, and now even house various manga. The novels are split after genre.

It comes with a reading lounge, and an added tea room upstairs for hungry readers who intend to stay longer. The latter is only available as long as two people work in the store.
Owner: Yukihina ([personal profile] coldiceflower)
Employees: Apply here!

Credit Suisse
Attentive, expert, long-term client service is at the core of Private Banking. Offers a wide range of assets, including various types of debt, real estate, and commodities such as:
Private Equity - Private partnerships typically investing in equity and/or debt of privately held companies.
Hedge Funds - Private partnerships that may invest in a wide array of assets including public equity, debt, currencies, futures and options.
Real Estate - Private partnerships that invest in various types of commercial real estate.
Commodities - Private partnerships that invest in a wide array of commodities including energy, metals and grains.

Dragon Karaoke
A Korean-styled karaoke place, with private rooms, a public stage, a full bar and a menu of Korean dishes. Specials offered on Korean holidays, menu changing throughout the year with seasonal dishes. More info located here.

The Agito is a cheerful, upbeat restaurant that, while primarily known for its pizza and various vegetable-based dishes, has a great variety of great food to choose from! With umbrellas and lights outside to allow for outdoor eating if so desired, the inside of the restaurant gives a pleasant feeling for anyone who wants to sit down with family and friends for a nice meal. The Head Chef always tries his recipes himself, and on Saturday nights every week, he opens his doors to make the Agito into a pseudo-Cooking School for fellow-"kidnapees" like himself to help learn to cook and better adapt to their new situation. Customers can taste test the foods made by his students for no charge, and are encouraged to join in themselves!

If it's great cuts, wonderful skin treatments and professional customer service you seek, Apollo is the beauty salon for you. The elegant, two-storey salon has a small relaxation room reserved for the best of massages, modern manicure and pedicure booths and the most comfortable of chairs for anyone looking for a make-over. The haircuts are done by the owner himself. In addition we offer you the latest hair and skin products. Visit us to relax or to find a new style to freshen up your look.

Aquila Cat Cafe
Aquila, a cozy, two-story building in Pleasure Gate, is a cat cafe and rescue. Serving coffee, juice and a constantly-changing selection of vegetarian-safe foods and desserts, the restaurant, casual lounge, and back porch garden are merely backup dancers to the main event: the two rooms dedicated to the fifteen cats that rule live within Aquila. The shop offers complimentary food and beverages with each hour purchased of cat time, but the casual lounge is always open and available to anyone looking to hang out without the cats. (Though, uh, why would you?)

Full information available here!
Owners: O.D. ([personal profile] nontransforming)

Black Tie
Despite its recent renaming and rebranding, the Black Tie remains (in the spirit of the departed Black Cherry) an upper-class establishment offering a home away from your home away from home. This fancy hotel strives to provide five-star services in a five-star environment. Five floors of ballrooms, conference spaces, and individual hotel suites in various contemporary/minimalist design styles provide luxurious accommodations for all discerning tastes. The stark black, white, and gold color scheme allows for easy redecoration and presentation, and most spaces can be refitted to fit customers' needs. Where most hotels focus on privately housing guests overnight, Black Tie emphasizes professionalism, social events, and neutral meeting territory. The establishment's goal is personal maturation and power. In order to achieve this goal, they offer occasional themed weekend events, trust- and team-building exercise activities, and ever-changing morale booster socials.

In accordance with the previous owner's wishes, the current proprietors of the hotel have installed a Batcave/hidden office in the basement.
Owner: Satsuki Kiryuuin ([personal profile] paramountcy)

Cloudberry Jam
A traditional Cantonese restaurant founded by the self proclaimed "Best in the World" chef, Jam Kuradoberi. Dishes range from all sorts of Cantonese favorites to other dishes from around China and a renowned International menu, as well. A fully stocked bar offers a variety of drinks and cocktails. And, of course, following Chef Jam's belief in the power of good service to enhance the flavor of any meal, restaurant manager Natsuru Senou has employed a full staff of charismatic and beautiful servers and hosts to see to any and all needs of her customers. The Cloudberry Jam serving and hosting staff are dressed exquisitely and trained extensively to be a part of the entire dining experience, sure to entertain any party from one to fourteen. Cloudberry Jam is more than just amazing food, it's an amazing and complete dining extravaganza that you're sure to want to indulge in again and again!
Owner: Natsuru Senou ([personal profile] thirdbeauty)

The Conservatorium
The Conservatorium is a music studio that holds tuition for anyone keen on learning to play music, or even just to study it. There's a wide enough selection of instruments available, with a schedule of available tutors at the front desk!

Dunkin' Go Nuts
Dunkin' Go Nuts is located in the Pleasure Gate. Based on the fundamental of physical and pastry excellence, Dunkin' Go Nuts combines a love of treating your body right on two different levels. Offering classes in physical fitness, improvements, and stress-relief, the facility has a fully functional cafe in the front end of the building. Cafe Go Nuts offers a full arrangement of coffee, protein drinks, smoothies, as well as an ample variety of donuts. There will be limited time treats and drinks for holidays and special occasions. More information posted here.

The Golden Holly Casino
Whether you win or lose at your game of choice, The Golden Holly Casino is the perfect place to spend an evening. Lavish and well-maintained, the building is equipped with a large variety of slot machines, card tables, and private rooms so that regardless of what you want to play or with how many, you will be accommodated. The food is also not to be missed and live entertainment can be enjoyed on certain nights based on availability.

Good Golly Miss Holly
A classy ass strip club. What else is there to say? Information here!

The Grande Fountain
This large fountain rests in the very center of the Pleasure Gate. With three tiers and statues perched on its sides, it's quite a presence in the city. Coins can be tossed in, though it serves no real purpose as of right now. Surrounding the fountain is a large tiled park way with benches and maps. At night, large ball lamps turn on to light the area. Walkways start here and branch off to walk around the gate and taking certain ones will take travels to certain city hot spots. On Fridays and weekends, an NPC will do tram runs along them for sight seeing and fast travel.

Hinanawi Colosseum
In the Pleasure district, there is already a large park, and quite a nice one it is too. However, right next to it, there will appear a completely mystifying arena - complete with spectator stands and other facilities (obviously showers, a pool, a pretty sweet sauna, target range, equipment storehouse, and various deathtraps) in an adjoined medium-sized building (there is also an entrance/exit to the building through the tunnel into the arena itself, making for a dramatic entrance for any scuffles that need solving.)

But so it doesn't get boring, there are also a few snags. The 'deathtraps' in question present themselves as an utterly impossible series of tasks including rotating cylinders of death and spike-filled shields coming at you from both directions along with booby-trapped arrows and a ridiculous puzzle where you place a flimsy cotton scarf on a high pedestal to open the door to the next level and the final challenge of two swinging blades ready to give you a flesh wound. This is the only route to said sauna. There is no other way in. There's a hidden door out, but you won't know it's there until you're already inside.

Thankfully, everything is made out of padded fabric and plastic, so it is an utterly pointless challenge. However, Tenshi will preside over anyone wishing to take the test and send them away if they get hit, mainly because it's funny.
Owner: Rin Hoshizora ([personal profile] feeline) / Mafuyu Kurosaki ([personal profile] fooligan)

Hollyday Theme Park
A large recreation complex, appearing much like a fantasy city. The park's major theme is fantasy itself, arranged in a colorful way to have the imagination be happily inspired. Hollyday is based from South Korea's two amusement parks, Everland and Lotte World, two perfect places for Korean dramas's love stories to become reality.

There are four districts within the amusement park's range: Gala, Voyage, Reverie, and Utopia. The districts are arranged in a circle, with a heavenly castle and fountain connected in the center plaza. Soft, vibrant colors are always present around the location, even through the night.

The sight of hot air balloons, running roller coasters, spinning cotton candy, pleasing area music, adorable gifts and prizes, and the overall lively aura will surely please the park's guests. Whether it is bringing a family member, a good friend, that special one, or simply yourself over, Hollyday is here to accommodate endless entertainment for everyone.

If you've come with a loved one or a group of friends, we recommend wearing matching hairbands or headgears! This is a popular dating trend in Korea and Japan, where couples pick and wear a pair together, like so. Usually, they decide together, and then they help each other put the accessory on.

Please continue reading here, for the full information!

    Ferris Wheel
    An impressive, towering Ferris wheel, with closed-in carriages for safety. Hope you're not afraid of heights.

Holly Heights Ice Rink
Though fairly new and not accommodated for specific winter sports like hockey as of yet, it's a training center open all year round, free for anyone to get their skates on - even during the summer. During the evenings, the rink is filled with ice figures thanks to Yukihina's powers, if anyone feels like skating among sculptures. If one wants to take a break, there's a nifty little snack bar on the side, selling hot cocoa and other edibles they can consume as they sit down on the surrounding bleachers. Open hours are between 8 and 20. The rink is reserved for lessons between 8-12 and open for the public use between 13 and 20, and during the last two hours. Information here!
Owners: Yukihina ([personal profile] coldiceflower)
Employees: Here!

Holly Heights Sports & Wellness Center
At HHSC, we foster learning, engagement, and leadership through quality programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a friendly and professional staff. Our facility inspires its members to safely participate in activities that lead to a positive interaction with others, a healthy and active lifestyle, and a lifelong commitment to fitness. We aim to provide quality, diverse and safe facilities and recreational programs (club sports, aquatic, fitness, etc.) and foster the development of interpersonal and communication skills that enhance and compliment the Holly Heights residential experience. HHSC supports a variety of programs covering topics such as stress management, physical fitness, spiritual and emotional exploration, safety, sustainability, health and more! Come visit and sign up for your free membership today!

More information about the facility can be found here!
Employees: The full list of employees is here!

Holly Heights Zoological Gardens
Come one, come all, to see a delightful assortment of creatures from all corners of the globe! We have lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Not to mention, there's a lovely aquarium and several geographically-themed exhibits. Want to visit the North or South Poles? Don't get them confused, kids: penguins and polar bears do not live in the same place! How about the plains of the Serengeti or the waters of the Amazon? Maybe you'd like to ride an elephant or swim with the fishes*. There's a petting zoo too, if that's a little too daring for you. Once you're tired of running around and looking at all the animals, you can take a break at the zoo cafe. Don't forget to visit the gift shop on the way out, too!

* Literally, not metaphorically. Swimming with fishes not included in cost of admission. Employee roster and job sign-ups here!
Owner: Hong Kong ([personal profile] bauhinia)

Holly Radio
Description: Nestled in an unassuming brownstone amongst the Pleasure Gate, Holly Radio is the only repository for good music in all of Holly Heights. Run by a few music lovers and a few locals, the station mostly plays music on the weekends and at nights, the content dictated by the DJ's whims.

More information here.
Employees: North Italy ([personal profile] siarrende)

Honeybee Bakery Cafe
Located in the Pleasure Gate, this small cafe serves a large variety of cakes, bread and drinks, specializing in making tasty treats with a cute design. It caters to anyone who just wants to take a break after work or school, hang out with a friend or just want to try out something new. Also, while they specialize in a large variety of teas, they also serve coffee.

The cafe serves Japanese, French, and other quality cuisine. As a bakery, it has a specialized selection of baked goods. However, it also has a brilliant array of homemade-style dishes. The fruit, tea, coffee, milk, and alcoholic* drinks are sure to compliment any meal or snack. Although the service is by front counter, the shop's waiters or waitresses are always ready to assist customers. Take-out, gifting, and delivery services are available. The menu changes with the seasons.

* Alcoholic drinks are available only after 6:00 PM and during special occasions or holidays. Minors are not allowed to order these drinks!

The full and updated information post is here!
Owner: Vietnam ([personal profile] hoasen)
Employees: The full staff roster is here!

Incredibly Exclusive Old Guy Club
The exterior of the club is pretty boring; a simple brick building with nondescript windows and a plain wooden door at the entrance. There are two signs on the door, one proclaiming the name, and another carrying the opposite message: "Everyone Welcome". Inside can be found wood paneling and leather upholstery, fireplaces and bookshelves, the very image of an upscale members-only club. Chess and other board games are available, smoking is allowed, and there's a fully-stocked bar, as well as a few snacks on hand.

Aside from the main lounge area, the Club boasts a library, small meeting rooms, a billiards room, a steam room, a hot tub, and a couple of simple bedrooms for the occasional "in the doghouse with my spouse" situation. A special membership is required to stay overnight, book the meeting rooms, or loll around the private hot tub area, but this not-really-exclusive club is open for guests in the bar.
Owner: Harold Krebs ([personal profile] lifewithnoconsequence)

Kalmar Resorts & Fishing
A spa/vacation resort build on a lake shore, consists of one main building with a small cafeteria and reception, spa and staff rooms, and a few log cabins, completed with saunas. Interior design by Ikea. Further away a small fish farm, which sells fish to the local stores and freshly at the market place.

Moe Moe Funtime Haven
Moe Moe Funtime Haven is a rather large Cafe, built for and created for people who want to try their hand at gaming on a larger scale, read manga and indulge in the comfortable space of mostly desserts and cake. While the cafe is large, it has many compartments, all of which are connected by sliding doors and linings of tubes that leads to one section to another. As mentioned previously, there are three major compartments: Gaming arcade, Manga lounge, and Cafe.

All three compartments will consist of numerous comfortable chairs and couches, mini coffee tables and a resting lounge, located on the four corners of each compartments. Whether you're here to indulge in luxury or entertain yourself, there's always a place for you in our cozy cafe.

More information here.

    Club Penguin
    Located on the second floor of the Moe Moe Funtime Haven cafe, Club Penguin is a lounge and study hall, designed specifically for school kids of all ages to hang out, work on homework, and just chill. There are extensive shelves and tables for studying, a computer with a printer to print reports, and on-call tutors for all your homework help needs! Additionally, there is a coffee bar and lounge areas around a central fountain, a pool table, and a raised platform for live performances, poetry readings, karaoke, you name it. Open early during the summer, later during the school year.

    Full info here!

    Owner: Rei Ryugazaki ([personal profile] theorymaniac) & Hayato Gokudera ([personal profile] 59

The Myouren Temple
A Buddhist temple built from a wooden ship (not that you could tell immediately). Without its head priestess or any other Buddhist followers around any longer, it doesn't serve much purpose but is still open to any and all visitors. Its grounds are an ideal place for peaceful contemplation and meditation, including an open courtyard, bell, and various halls within the temple itself. There's also a cemetery behind it but there supposedly aren't any bodies actually buried there.

Otherworldly is a hot new nightclub/lounge that's out of this world! Complete with comfy seating, fluorescent lighting, a fully stocked bar, and a fast food menu, this is your one-stop place to chill from dusk till dawn. There's also plenty of entertainment! Flatscreen televisions play scifi/horror movies constantly (other genres available on request - great for themed parties!), and there's a full board and pieces set up for games of Battleshots. There's no real dress code, and only very few rules. Basically: be excellent to each other, and party on dudes! Further information, including the current menu and services available, can be found here.
Owner: Natsuru Senou ([personal profile] thirdbeauty)

Don't let the name fool you- all of the stock carried by this boat trader by the docks at Evergreen Lake are in perfect condition. Aside from boats, ranging from rowboats to speedboats to yachts, Shipwrecks also sells fishing equipment, boating equipment, kayaks, and anchors of all sizes. Boats and kayaks can be purchased or rented out.
Owner: Badr ([personal profile] adoringdaddy)

Inkberry Elementary School
The smallest of the four schools, Inkberry sits in what could be called a valley in the furthest part of the gate from the outside, near the center that connects all the gates together, and houses grades K-6. It's not quite decrepit looking, but still has some obvious signs of wear and tear. Not too many NPCs roam around here, but don't let that fool you. They'll still do whatever it takes to keep kids in school, including detention, calls home, and even chore duty.

Honey Maid Middle School
Slightly bigger, Honey Maid is in the middle of the Gate and holds grades 6-8. Though slightly larger, there are still few NPCs and classes consist mostly of automated, sermon-esque lectures that would perhaps go right over the average middle-schoolers head. The grounds are plentiful in size, though lunch break is only one hour long and no free periods are allowed, so it's rather a waste.

Altaciere High School
This school is by far the largest, though a lot of its rooms go unused. Hosting grades 9-12, the school holds a lot of the teenage population of Holly Heights. The high school offers a driving class for those getting their license, but most other classes are run by NPCs that seem to be rather scattered and preach gibberish more than teach. While not the most academically inclined school, it is a place with a large grounds, perfect for field days and outdoor dances.

Jinpachi Toudou | Grade 09-12 | Calligraphy

Indoor Pool
Founded by the Altaciere High School Swim Club, the Holly Heights Indoor Pool is a facility located a block from the high school. It includes an eight-lane, 25m long heated (25–28°C) pool with depths ranging from 1 to 3m, and two locker rooms (one male and one female). The swim club meets after school thrice weekly, and select weekends; however, feel free to contact the manager or captain to gain access otherwise.
Owners: Makoto Tachibana ([personal profile] splasher)

Emily Brumer University
This small university really doesn't teach much. Those that do go (it's pretty easy to walk in and out freely) will be subjected to NPCs with limited knowledge base and classes that last thirty minutes at the longest. Hope you weren't looking into getting a degree!

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