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Player: Simple enough.
Age: Holly Heights is a 14+ roleplay. Make sure you are above this age before applying.
Personal Journal: [profile] putithereplease
Contact Info: Please give us at least one other means of contacting you.
Other Characters: You may remove this section if this will be your first character in game.

Characters Name: Western order, por favor.
Age: In years, if possible.
Canon: The name of the canon, as specific as possible. For example Final Fantasy VII not just Final Fantasy.
Canon Point: Exact page numbers and panels aren't necessary, but being specific is good.
Species: Note that any species other than human will become human. Animals, aliens, even human like beings. You're going to become homo sapiens like the rest of us.
Gender: Both physical and mental.
Orientation: FILL THIS OUT IF YOU HAVE A CHARACTER THAT IS OVER 18, NO BUTS. Here at Holly Heights, we don't discriminate against anyone's orientations. That being said, if your character is gay, we aren't going to make them take a wife when housing plans are given. Gay marriage is completely legal. Please give us a short and simple reason you think they are gay/straight/bi/etc if they don't have an explicitly stated sexuality. Please keep it short, though. We do know it's tempting to tl;dr about things like this. Long story short, the real question is Would your character be more comfortable with a wife, husband, or either?, so that we know what houses to place them in.

History: Links will suffice, but please write it out if the links are insufficient.
Appearance: A picture will be sufficient, but we'd never turn down a written explanation.
Personality: This should be the biggest part of the application unless your history is written out. There should at least be 3 paragraphs OR 300+ words. No links. Using old app sections for this AS LONG AS THEY ARE YOUR OWN is reasonable.
Abilities: Please note that in this domestic paradise, powers will be taken. Will you get them back? If you behave, perhaps. Please list any special powers your character has and any natural talents that they possess. This can range from flying to having nice handwriting.
Other: Anything else you'd like to include? Put it here.

First Person: "Action brackets", this will be your cell phone, webcam, and text related communicating. At least eight sentences is required. You may link from a musebox, a meme thread, or a previous roleplays tag for this section. When linking singular threads, however, make sure that they are at least 10 comments long from YOUR character to accurately judge. Can be taken from any community or musebox. 18+ threads are permitted to be linked.

Third Person: This is more like a log entry and action related. It should could more "he/she" than "I". Please give us at least two paragraphs OR 10+ lines or text. You may link to a musebox post or previous roleplay log for this but only if you didn't link for your first person and vice versa. Also remember that this isn't fanfiction and should act like a log post would . Just rambling on like a novel isn't writing a log. If linking, please make sure that there are at least 5 responses from your character to accurately judge. Can be taken from any community or musebox. 18+ threads are permitted to be linked.

Housing Request?: If you already have a place you want to live or a person you'd wish to live with, please say so here.
Did you read the rules & FAQ?: Please say yes or I swear to God I will reject you.
Would you like your application to be unscreened?: Y or N